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3,000+ organizations leverage Assembly as a Digital HQ to support their employee transition to hybrid work and nurture a positive workplace culture.

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Align around your team's core values

Make your core values more than just writing on the wall. Encourage your team to embrace and embody them every single day.

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Celebrate achievements

Build a positive company culture with Employee Recognition. Show people that their contributions are valued, boost performance, and retain your best talent.

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employee nominations

Nominate your top performers

Engage employees with Employee nominations. Gather nominations from the whole team and make sure their accomplishments are celebrated.

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Set up rewards that excite your team

1,000s of gift card, charities, company swag and personalized culture rewards to choose from. Reward points that people can redeem for a gift that makes them feel valued.

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birthday anniversary automation

Never miss a birthday or anniversary

Birthdays and work anniversaries sneak up on us all. The best way to never miss one is to automate it with a meaningful message, a fun GIF, and some points!

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Never leave Slack or Teams

Don't force employees to go to another tool. Integrate Assembly directly into Slack or Microsoft teams and keep your recognition where your work already happens.

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Additional templates

Recognition & Rewards Templates
Team Retrospective

Team Retrospective

During any project, it is essential to look back and analyze what worked and what didn’t.

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General News Feed

General News Feed

A News Feed plays a critical role in every internal communication.

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Standup Meeting

Standup Meeting

Having standup meetings is an important touchpoint for a lot of teams, tech or not.

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Create a single source of truth

Consistent data with powerful insights

Consistent data

Browse our Free Employee Recognition Guide

Get the foundational knowledge on creating an employee recognition program that boosts employee engagement and helps them feel valued.

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Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

shannon townsend

“With all the complications and disruptions to our daily routines due to COVID 19 in 2020, Assembly was a key part of continuing employee engagement throughout these difficult times. We are approaching the end of our first year with Assembly and looking forward to continuing the partnership into 2021.”

Shannon Townsend

Sales Execution Manager at Coca-Cola

farbod shoraka

“We’ve been honestly surprised at the positive impact Assembly made in team camaraderie. The unique insight into who is positively impacting their colleagues and ultimately the company has been invaluable!”

Farbod Shoraka

CEO at Promenade Group, Inc.

adam lewis

“Assembly has been like a ‘snowball rolling down a hill’ for fostering engagement across our teams. One person sharing recognition is a catalyst for multiple team members to take a moment to recognize their coworkers contributions. That simple act of reacting to a shoutout then inspires those individuals to shoutout someone else, and all of a sudden you have a series of shoutouts flowing in.”

Adam Lewis

CEO & Founder at Apploi

Mallory Yohannan

“We were looking for a way to recognize employees that was fun, easy to use, and fit our budget. There’s always a lot happening. We wanted a recognition program that employees could access on the fly and in the moment, and could be tied to tangible rewards.”

Mallory Yohannan

Head of People at HelloTech

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